Empty Legs

The “Empty Legs” section is intended for posting empty legs by air operators. Empty legs that have been posted and permitted for displaying by operators are visible for all registered users and these empty legs are available for charter brokers for route planning of the air charter.

View all empty legs

The subsection ”View all empty legs” contains all posted and available for all users empty legs. It is possible to rank empty legs by the date of creation, by the start and the end of its time. You may see the details and send a request to the air operator that has posted this empty leg by clicking on the mark >.

Search for empty legs

This subsection allows to search all available for users empty legs that are complied for filled parameters. After the search for empty legs, you can see the web page with the list of results. You can select the best variants that you are interested in, view the details and send your request to the air operator. The schedule and route for your air charter will be automatically inserted in your request.

My Empty Legs

This subsection is available only for operators and displays all posted by your company empty legs. There is a possibility to open the edit page to editing your empty leg. Also you may change the availability of your empty legs for other users. The edit page for the selected empty leg is opened by clicking on the edit mark.

Post your Empty Leg

This page is available only for operators. The web page is intended for creating and posting your empty leg on the marketplace. While creating your empty leg you may make it available or not available for other users immediately after posting it.

In the future you may change the empty leg accessibility and delete it on the empty leg edit page at any time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Accessibility for any empty leg remains for three days after it has been posted as available or for three days after clicking the ”Available” button. All visible empty legs become not available for users after this period expires. You may extend available period for your empty leg by clicking on the “Available” button. The button turns to the active mode in one day after you make the empty leg visible for other users. This allows to extend the availability of the empty leg for other users in advance.